In the beginning there was Darwin


Just finished my first piece! The corner of Darwin’s theory of natural selection with the loose thread of how heredity actually worked…

Only another 150 years to go now.


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4 Responses to “In the beginning there was Darwin”

  1. Drop-stitch Dorothy Says:

    I feel I need to step up my game a little…

  2. Needle-fingered Sue Says:

    You’re doing good. There’s something about your purling that really brings to mind the dawning of recombinant DNA technology.

  3. Drop-stitch Dorothy Says:

    Pretty Yarn Good – wouldn’t you say Sue?

  4. Hannah Says:

    Wow! It looks like a suitably ground-breaking start, and I’ll think it’ll get a much better reception than Darwin did the first time round. Maybe you could do a greeny-coloured galapogas tortoise-inspired piece next? or a monkey wearing a beard?.. oh the knitted possibilities!!

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