one handed efforts!


At last I have managed to contribute something to our growing creation! Hannah very kindly showed me how to finger knit.  This more rudimentary form of knitting will be used to represent Walther Flemming’s discovery of material in the nucleus that he called chromatin.   What he saw was later identified as chromosomes, meaning coloured bodies.  As needle-fingered Sue said, I’m using purple wool: this was the colour of the dye he used.  Rudimentary knitting is appropriate because Flemming failed to make the connection between his work genetic inheritance because he was unaware of the work done by Mendel.

The next challenge for me is crochet, which I’m reliably informed I can do one handed!  This is a different technique to knitting, although it uses the same materials, so we’ll have to think carefully about how we can include it in our creation.


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