Pea, by Mendel (circa 1860)


Mendel's perfect pea pod

This isn’t the best picture and it certainly doesn’t do the peas justice but I think it merits being posted. Huge thank you to our expert knitter for creating this beautiful knitted pea pod. Mendel would have been proud.

Mendel is often considered the father of modern genetics. At the time, his theory of genetic inheritance was largely ignored. It was not until it was rediscovered in the early 20th century that it all started making a bit more sense…


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One Response to “Pea, by Mendel (circa 1860)”

  1. alice Says:

    For when the pea develops maybe (or just for interest) –

    I was forwarded that on twitter by one of my old BSc tutors, which I’m sure says something depressing about something…

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