The grand finale.


After many long hours of work stitching and labelling. Here it is. The finished piece.

We’re very proud but very tired. I read somewhere (I think the Times) that two hours of knitting burns a bowl of porridge of calories, so I think we’re owed a lot of porridge…Anyway, like proud parents. It’s hopefully going to be exhibited at Imperial (College) soon so we’ll keep you updated. If you click on the photo you can zoom in and read all the tags.


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2 Responses to “The grand finale.”

  1. Katie Goates Says:

    Hello there, I’m one of the group that made the science quilt last year, just wanted to say I heard about this through Alice Bell’s website and thought it an awesome addition to the world of crafty sci-comm. Hope you all enjoyed making it and got the marks (and general awe of every one else on the course) to match the hardwork.

  2. harrietvickers Says:

    Ah thanks, we all feel it’s enrichened our lives. I’m just starting to knit an entire jumper which I never thought possible…

    Have heard a lot about your quilt, it’s become a sci comm legend!

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