The first genetiknits tea cosy!


It’s been several months now since the carefree days of genetiknits, when I got to spend my days wondering whether stocking or rib best represented Francis Galton. Sigh.

However my Aunt Penny has knitted me a tea cosy inspired by the project which I think definitely deserves a post.

Amazing huh? It’s even got the pattern Rosalind Franklin found in photograph 51 – the x-ray diffraction image that gave Crick and Watson ideas – knitted into the top.

Apparently she pinched some of my hair and decoded my genome, so this the helixes represent my actual DNA. She has recently been to the Southwold Under the Pier Show, home of this DNA Forecaster machine, which makes me slightly sceptical…

I feel it’s an awesome addition to both the world of scientific knitting and my flat whatever though!


2 Responses to “The first genetiknits tea cosy!”

  1. margieinmaryland Says:

    LOVE this tea cozy – my brother sent me the link.
    If your aunt ever writes up a pattern, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. IRENE WISE Says:

    This is a wonderful tea cosy and a lovely tribute to the great Rosalind Franklin. Brilliant!

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