About us

We’re all interested in communicating science, and decided to combine this with learning a craft – knitting. The more obvious name Geknitics was already taken. Our team of Genetiknitters consists of:

Needle-fingered Sue – our most professional knitter, with all the skills and the ambitious ideas (she also has access to some wonderfully helpful experts)

Cast-on Clarissa – currently with a broken wrist but manning our finger knitting department and researcher in the signs and symbols we need to represent in yarn

Drop-stitch Dorothy – can often be spotted trying to improve her knitting on the bus, tube etc… she is currently delving into the field of genetic engineering

We are: Gemma Bramley (a.k.a Clarissa), Seil Collins (a.k.a Dorothy) and Harriet Vickers (a.k.a Sue)


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